09/16/2013 05:36 pm ET

Princess Madeleine's Baby Bump Is Dressed To The Nines (PHOTOS)


As we're sure our readers have figured out by now, we at HuffPost Style have a bit of a one-track mind when it comes to pregnancies: We care most about maternity wear. So you can imagine our excitement at spotting newly pregnant Princess Madeleine out and about this weekend.

The expectant mother celebrated Sweden's King Carl Gustaf's fortieth year on the throne in Stockholm on Saturday, where the princess took a cue from Kate Middleton's pregnancy style by wearing a well-tailored jacket and matching skirt... and heels, of course. (Very little can keep a pregnant royal out of those, it seems.)

Madeleine beamed alongside commoner new husband Christopher O'Neill, and the princess demonstrated she'll surely make a great mother as she played with 19-month-old Princess Estelle during the festivities. Check out Madeleine's outfit in the photos below... and get ready for eight more months of maternity style-watching!






A look back at Madeleine's pre-pregnancy style:

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

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