James Sanders Pays Off Old Fine With Nearly 70,000 Pennies

09/17/2013 01:48 pm ET

After more than a year, James Sanders is finally paying off two fines totaling $702, but he's not doing it casually.

Sanders, who has spent the last 14 months fighting the fines for speeding and failure to identify himself to the police, delivered two giant buckets full of change (mostly pennies) to the Clinton County Courthouse Wednesday to pay his bill, the Journal and Courier online, an Indiana news site, reported.

Sanders' goal? To make the officials "work for it," he told JCOnline.

Watch the video above to find out more about Sanders' bold move.

Sanders isn't the first to use this creative form of bill paying. Last month, Roger Herrin paid a $150,000 court order by delivering 600,000 quarters to local law offices.

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