09/17/2013 03:51 pm ET | Updated Sep 17, 2013

Here Are Two Of The Internet's Favorite Things Combined: Animals And Selfies. Enjoy.

These days, it's important to share a good selfie on the reg. How else will the world know how cute you are?

Whether you snap a shot while grocery shopping, hanging with friends or just preening, selfie-ing has become a central part of our social media lives.

In fact, some of our furry friends even want to get in on the action! Here are some of the best pet selfies we found on Instagram.


  • I didn't choose the #puglife, the #puglife chose me.
  • Instagram/NickBrock17
    This is my kids-fighting-in-the-backseat face. #momprobs
  • Don't hate the #cattitude, hate the #game.
  • My right side is my serious side #artsyselfie.
  • Just hangin' in the park #sniffingthings
  • Ain't no selfie like an #emoselfie...
  • #nofilter #doggiemodeling #hawt
  • Just about to go down for a #beauty #catnap
  • Guyzz, check out my cute #bedhair!
  • I am #notamused >;o


Animals Tricking Each Other