09/18/2013 09:08 am ET

The Best Coffee Drinks, In Order (PHOTOS)

As we detailed how some of the most popular coffee drinks are actually made earlier this week, we realized that some of them are just superior to others. Really, like pickles, pies and cakes, there is no bad coffee (except probably instant coffee? But even that has its uses.).

Below, you'll find my ranking of the best coffee drinks, in order from worst to best. Below that, you'll find people arguing about it in the comments. Let us know what your favorite coffee drink is!

  • 15 Frappuccino
    Oh, just drink a chocolate milk. That's what you really want anyway.
  • 14 Caramel Macchiato
    We blame Starbucks for this one.
  • 13 Café Mocha
    Oh, just drink a hot chocolate. It's what you want, anyway.
  • 12 Americano
    Flickr: modomatic
    You know what would make this espresso significantly worse? Adding a bunch of water to it.
  • 11 Turkish Coffee
    I know people go bananas for this stuff, but it will always taste like tar to me.
  • 10 Café Cubano
    Flickr: davitydave
    Now, take that Turkish coffee and add milk and sugar -- now we're getting somewhere.
  • 9 Café Latté
    Eh. Pretty good, but I could probably never drink another one and not be too depressed.
  • 8 Irish Coffee
    Wait, you put whiskey in it? Great. I'm on board.
  • 7 Espresso
    Look. At the crema.
  • 6 Cortado
    Espresso + steamed milk = love.
  • 5 Affogato
    Flickr: karen_neoh
    You could argue that this is more of a dessert than a coffee drink. Or you could shut up and enjoy this delicious thing.
  • 4 Cappuccino
    Flickr: plindberg
    The perfect equilibrium of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. Look, it's named after monks. It has to be good.
  • 3 Coffee
    Could be drip, pour-over, french pressed, vacuum pressed, percolated or whatever. Plain old coffee is just about as good as it gets.
  • 2 Iced Coffee
    Flickr: kennymatic
    I know. This is probably a controversial opinion. I don't care because I'm hopped up on cold brew. It is good all year long. It is thirst-quenching, but it's also coffee. Iced coffee forever, guys.
  • 1 Café Au Lait
    Flickr: ilovebuvette
    How can you make regular coffee even better? Add warm, steamed milk to it. Plus, look how pretty.

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