09/23/2013 12:35 pm ET

Lizzy Caplan, 'Masters Of Sex' Actress, On What It's Really Like To Film Sex Scenes

Filming sex scenes is actually a pretty mundane process, according to Lizzy Caplan.

Caplan, who plays sexologist Virginia Johnson in the new TV series "Masters Of Sex," appeared on "Conan" to discuss her experiences on the show. And of course, the conversation eventually turned to the experience of filming sex scenes.

"The first couple of times it's petrifying, to do it personally," Caplan told Conan. "And then when you're watching other people do it it's disturbing and a little strange. They're naked and rubbing on one another... But no matter what you're doing, it ends up becoming a conversation about whether there's gonna be a nacho bar at lunch that day."

Oh, Janis Ian. Could we love you any more?

[h/t Jezebel]


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