Duck In NYC Subway Station Was An Aflac Marketing Stunt (PHOTOS)

09/24/2013 09:25 am ET | Updated Sep 24, 2013

A lone duck spotted inside the uptown N/R station at 23rd Street on Monday in New York was, of course, part of a marketing campaign.

The folks at Aflac staged the unusual sighting, releasing their famed mascot into the subway and tweeting about it.

“Ducks don’t belong on the subway, especially waddling through stations, and especially not when they’re used as part of a publicity stunt that makes it harder for our customers to get around," an MTA official told Gothamist. PETA also wasn't too happy about Aflac's stunt.

(Maybe next time, Aflac should release their bird not in the New York City subway, but at Subway, where ducks eat for free.)

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