No Bras Allowed On The 'Girls' Set, Allison Williams Says

09/24/2013 12:12 pm ET | Updated Sep 25, 2013

HBO's "Girls" is known, among other things, to feature groundbreaking fashion. So when we learn that its cast follows a certain protocol, we pay attention.

On Monday, we heard it might be time to banish our bras if we want to follow "Girls'" lead. According to a sharp-eared observer from Page Six, Allison Williams told a fellow pre-Emmys partygoer last week that her job restricts her from wearing women's most restrictive garment:

"I work on 'Girls,' where wardrobe doesn't even let you wear a bra! You can't find one anywhere on set."

As if we needed another reason to try to get a role on the show. What we wouldn't give to set fire to our booby traps... Alas, our workplace is a bit more traditional. Do you think "Girls'" braless trend might find the same popularity that "shorteralls" did last season?

Proof our "Girls" don't need bras to be brilliant:

'Girls' Season 2 Photos

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