Pentagon Study: Thousands Of Employees Could Be Cut Without Hurting U.S. Fighting Power

09/24/2013 02:50 pm ET | Updated Nov 24, 2013
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WASHINGTON — Four former members of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff say the military could shed 60,000 more troops than planned and 50,000 civilian employees without hurting U.S. fighting power.

Some $50 billion in budget cuts are recommended in a new report released Tuesday that was written by a 17-member panel including two former vice chairmen of the joint chiefs, a former Air Force chief and former Navy chief. The recommended cuts would replace future rounds of automatic, across-the-board cuts in the Pentagon's budget as part of a deficit reduction deal two years ago.

Writing for the Stimson Center think tank in Washington, the authors recommended 27 ways to trim costs under a strategy that focuses less on nuclear and ground forces and more on air, sea, space and special operations.

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