09/24/2013 12:01 pm ET

Thug Notes Throws Down On 'Beowulf' By, Uhhh...

In this week's episode of "Thug Notes," Sparky Sweets, PhD analyzes Beowulf, the story of a prideful man-beast who sometimes acts chill, but sometimes is just as monstrous as the monsters he's fighting.

Sparky Sweets recounts the man's heroic tale of saving the land of Danes by battling Grendel and his mother because really, all the Danish wanted was to get "white boy wasted." He concludes that Beowulf maintained his power with his big-head and money because, "if your pants ain't bulgin' with the Benjamins, your peeps aren't gonna show you no love."

Let this marinate, son! Check out the video above and make sure to subscribe to the Thug Notes YouTube Channel.


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