09/30/2013 09:20 am ET

If You Love Ramen So Much, Why Don't You Marry It? (PHOTOS)

As the eating-ramen-once-a-week-for-lunch season approaches, we took some time to reflect on how much we love it. From instant ramen to homemade ramen to serious restaurant-quality ramen (yes, fine, even you ramen burger) we pretty much can't get enough. We've realized, however, we don't love ramen like you love ramen, Etsy.

The artists, antiquers and crafters on Etsy have produced so much ramen swag, we almost couldn't believe it. Want to wear ramen on your shirt? In your ears? Want ramen to protect your cell phone? Want ramen to wrap around your neck and keep you warm this winter? No seriously, all of these things can be purchased on Etsy. You still can't marry ramen, but you can definitely prove that you love it with the list below.

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