5-Year-Old Meningitis Survivor Gets Moving With Mighty Power Ranger Blades

10/01/2013 05:30 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2013

Now introducing the mighty morphin’ and walkin' Marshall Janson!

The 5-year-old from England received a brand new pair of prosthetic blades complete with a cool Power Rangers design. Now he can run, play (and fight crime) just like his favorite heroes, Uproxx reports.

According to his fundraising website, Marshall contracted Meningitis shortly after his first birthday in 2008. Even though he escaped brain damage, his arms and legs were amputated a little more than a month later.

Marshall’s mom, Stephanie Harris, launched an appeal on HANDSTAND, a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter, to raise money for the constant costs of new prosthetics Marshall will need as he ages. She explained to SWNS that he received his first prosthetics in 2009, but they didn’t allow him to walk comfortably.

“He was getting upset because he couldn’t keep up with the others,” she said.

Now, thanks to donations, the family has enough money for Marshall to get his new pair of blades that allows him to run like the other children -- and express his style, too.

BBC reports that the blades, which cost about $19,383.57 (£12,000), were built with liners to allow little Marshall to keep up in the schoolyard and in his favorite class of the day, PE.

“All he wants really is to have the best quality life,” Mom told SWNS. “And to keep up with his friends.”


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