Lauren Devine Is A 'Try Sexual' In Her New Music Video (NSFW)

10/01/2013 02:06 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Are you DTT (Down to Try)? That's what Lauren Devine wants to know in her new single and video, "Try Sexual."

The video's setting is a steamy night in a bedroom with Devine and plenty of adventurous partners, as she sings about being open to tasting all of the flavors sexuality has to offer.

Devine chatted with The Huffington Post about her new single, so check out the short Q&A below and make sure to watch her video above.

The Huffington Post: What inspired the song?
Lauren Devine: I was inspired by an old bisexual rave song, "Jay and Jane," to do a free and celebratory song about sexuality. My producers used samples from Amber's "Sexual," which is a song about an empowered woman's sexuality and her knack for just feeling sexual and her openness to "take it there" with her friend. The title "Try Sexual" is a play on bisexual but it's also more of an attitude than a preference: It's just a way to describe people who are happy and exploratory and #DTT (Down to Try)."

Do you think America is still repressed when it comes to sex?
I've spent the last year traveling the world on what I like to call my "Eat Pray Fuck" world tour, combing tropical coast lines by myself and finding whatever I need to satisfy, stimulate, and complete me in foreign countries. So, I think I am actually in a really good place to comment on this. To me, Americans play it a little safe in terms of securing a situation or game or partner so they don't have to rely on the real chaos and magic and unknown of sexuality. I'd like to see Americans push it a little farther and let their sexuality guide them a little more, instead of the other way around.

Do you consider yourself bisexual? Queer? Straight? DDT? What is your own personal approach to sexuality?
Oh I'm definitely #DTT (Down to Try). I've always been a very outgoing and flirty person and combine that with my high threshold for fear and constant need for a heart-pumping adrenaline rush and it bleeds over into my sexuality. I'm so energized and turned on by new people and new things, it makes me overconfidently curious. I'm always on a mission for someone from a totally different walk of life to see what I can learn. I have a knack for bringing new people and new ideas together just using the lure of fun, and in the end if I can diversify my own life and hopefully someone else's then I feel an unbeatable satisfaction. I guess I'm a pervert for a situation.

What do you hope listeners take away from the song and video?
Basically, to start livin' La Vita Coco. To be free and fun, body and sex positive. To be tempted out of their comfort zones. And maybe to download my ringtones on iTunes.

For more information on Lauren Devine, head to her website, follow her on Twitter, and check her out on iTunes.

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