10/01/2013 02:09 pm ET

Loose Pig Leads Cop On 2-Hour Chase Through Pinecrest

Police are trained for high-speed chases, but one Pinecrest officer surely never expected to have to run after a rebellious pig for nearly two hours (insert cop jokes here).

A 200-pound pot-bellied pig named Mud escaped from his enclosure at a Pinecrest home on Friday while the owner was asleep, WSVN reports.

After a neighbor, her nanny, three kids and a German Shepard failed to corral the escapee, it was officer Edison Cruz of the Pinecrest Police Department that finally captured Mud after about a two-hour chase through the streets, according to the Miami Herald.

"He was a good strong little pig there, Cruz told WSVN. "Put up a good fight."

The Herald reports that after finally pinning the beast, it took nearly half an hour for backup to arrive. Eventually, however, Mud did what all perps do: ride off in the back of a cop car, after which he was delivered back home unharmed.

And hey, at least he stayed out of the water!

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