Forget About Sharknado, This Is Sheep-Tato

10/01/2013 11:43 am ET | Updated Oct 01, 2013

This potato is SHEAR awesomeness.

Steve and Lornia Binning of Wells, England, told the Wells Journal they found this suspiciously sheepish potato amid their crop this week. Though the couple has worked the land for eight years, they say they've never found a potato that looks quite so much like a four-legged ruminant.


The couple seems to have little sentimental attachment to the world's most adorable tuber, despite the fact that they named it "Spud".

"We'll probably chip it," Lorna told the Journal.

In earlier weird potato news, a Florida woman made headlines in August after finding a heart-shaped potato that she was convinced was a message from her deceased husband.

That doesn't mean potatoes are necessarily the weirdest kind of produce out there. In July, a British woman discovered that a strawberry she grew in her garden looked disturbingly like a penis. No word on whether that was a message from anyone.

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