10/02/2013 09:25 am ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

Baby Back Ribs Recipes That Are Worth The Mess

Foodness Gracious

When it comes to ribs, there are a lot of great cuts to choose from: Spare ribs, rib tips, St. Louis cut, and, the one we're particular partial to, baby back ribs. If there's one meal we don't mind getting messy for, it's baby back ribs.

Baby back ribs are a natural fit on the grill, but they do nicely in the oven and even the slow cooker, too. A classic barbecue sauce definitely does them justice, but we found some recipes that prove you shouldn't limit yourself to just that.

From maple-glazed to balsamic-brushed to Korean-style, we've got 18 baby back ribs recipes worth getting a little bit messy for -- just make sure you have some wet wipes on hand.

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