10/02/2013 11:26 am ET

This Dog's Surprise Return Might Be The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ever

Every lost pet story should have this happy of an ending.

When pup Kobe ran off during the Detroit fireworks in late June, Roger Cooper and his family were crestfallen. In the chaos of the night, Cooper was trampled by crowds of people running and lost track of Kobe, WDIV-TV reports. Though they made flyers and searched for their beloved family pet, after weeks went by, they had likely given up hope that they'd ever find him.

But more than three months later, someone found Kobe and brought him into the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society, according the news station. Remembering Kobe from his lost dog flyer they had on hand, the nonprofit was able to contact Cooper.

(Surprisingly enough, some dogs return to their owners after even longer spans, like Taz, who returned to his family in August after he disappeared on Halloween in 2010, or Cookie, a Chihuahua who was found and returned to his San Diego owners in 2011, five years after he went missing.)

When you see man and dog reunite in this happy video, Cooper laughing with joy and Kobe barking with excitement, you can tell that even three months was far too long for this family to be separated.

The best part? Tuesday, the day Kobe was returned, was a special day for Cooper and his wife: he told WDIV-TV that when he brought Kobe home, he planned to tell her, "Happy Anniversary."

What an unexpectedly perfect wedding anniversary gift.

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