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QUIZ: Test Your Memory Of Europe's Famous Landmarks

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It's ok-- it took us a while to remember the difference between the Parthenon and the Pantheon, too. But some less-than-savvy travelers just never pick it up, no matter how many EuroTrips they've been on.

Defend yourself and prove you're not another "dumb American" with this quiz of European landmarks.

Do You Know Your European Landmarks?

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    Question 1 of 8

    Visitors must tackle a path called the Long Walk before reaching the entrance to this castle. Which is itl?

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    Question 2 of 8

    On this famous clock tower, a moving skeleton strikes the time. What’s it called?

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    Question 3 of 8

    Audrey Hepburn hangs out on these stairs in the movie Roman Holiday. What are they called?

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    Question 4 of 8

    The famous “duomo” at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore offers stunning views of the city. Which city is it?

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    Question 5 of 8

    Since 360 AD, three different churches have been built on the ground where this mosque currently stands. What’s its name, and where is it?

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    Question 6 of 8

    These crumbling pillars were built in the sixth century BC. Where are they?

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    Question 7 of 8

    This ornate gate welcomes visitors into a complex where officials still meet to amend the constitution. Where is it?

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    Question 8 of 8

    This bridge first opened 119 years ago. What’s its name?

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