Why Seeking Balance Doesn't Mean Doing It All (VIDEO)

10/02/2013 04:09 pm ET

Could our search for balance between work and home life actually make us less balanced? According to HuffPost blogger Christine Organ, the quest for work-life balance may be doing more harm than good.

In a recent HuffPost Live segment, Organ told host Nancy Redd about her own struggle to try to do it all.

"I went from one extreme to the next," Organ said. "I went from being a full-time attorney in the big law firm world, and then I had my first son and went to being a stay-at-home mom... and oftentimes I felt that my life was somehow lacking in someway because I wasn't grabbing all these various pieces that I felt like I should be having. And it wasn't until I learned to really accept the situation that I was in -- and slowly, organically as kids get older and opportunities arose in my career -- that the balance started to come on its own."

Ultimately, Organ says she feels her truest self when she is creating a balance in her life that's driven by purpose.

"If we focus on the ways we can bring our best and truest self to what it is that we're doing -- regardless of what that is -- things have a way of shifting to our own personal balance," she said.

Take a look at the clip above for more, and check out the full video on HuffPost Live.

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