10/02/2013 12:22 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2013

Stacey Dash Regrets Voting For Obama 'Because He Was Black'


After facing a hailstorm of criticism following her public endorsement for Mitt Romney last year, Stacey Dash’s political views have once again made headlines.

During a recent interview with Fox News, the “Clueless” actress revealed that she “naively” voted for President Obama “because he was black.”

“I didn’t know anything about [Obama] when I voted for him in 2008. My choice to do so was purely because he was black,” she admitted. “Naively, I thought he would be the right person for the job but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. Obama had the opportunity to really unite this country in such a profound way, but instead he has done the opposite. We are so divided right now, everything has become about race, more than I’ve ever known in my lifetime.”

In addition to her revelation, the 46-year-old, who is currently working on her autobiographical book entitled “Not Black Enough,” also appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity with Sean Hannity” where she took aim at the Obama Administration’s decision to sue the state of Louisiana over its current school voucher system.

“I'm saying deny a child education because of the color of their skin. That's absurd,” the South Bronx native said to host Sean Hannity. “You know, the natural evolution of a well-educated populous is integration. And this is not political, it's not theoretical, it's not even partisan.”

“It's personal. You know, I was one of those children. I went to a failing school, and by the grace of God, my mother was able to put me into private school, and had she not, I would probably be in a gang or dead right now, because that was the road I was going down. So what they're doing is immoral.”

Check out more of Stacey Dash’s interview in the clip below.


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