10/03/2013 03:35 pm ET

$1 Million Falls From The Sky In Bolivia


It’s raining money in Bolivia.

Police say an unidentified person tossed 26 plastic bags containing the cash from a low-flying plane, according to Argentine daily Clarín. Local authorities suspect the money was intended for a drug deal.

Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero said drug runners were supposed to grab the money once it hit the ground, but cops got to it first. The money bore a seal of an unidentified Paraguayan bank, according to the BBC.

On top of the money, police confiscated two vehicles, two rifles, a machine gun and three cell phones, Clarín reports.

Police have detained three suspects, all of whom are Bolivian.

Bolivia is one of the world's top three cocaine producers, behind Peru and Colombia, according to the BBC.

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