Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Something To Ask You

10/03/2013 01:31 pm ET
  • Sarah Barness Huffington Post Trends and Digital Innovation editor. Writer, Artist Extraordinaire

You might have heard of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You know, the one who was in "3rd Rock From The Sun" and, oh yeah, just wrote and directed the fall hit movie "Don Jon." Basically, this guy is on fire, But he still needs some help ... from you.

To be precise, he needs help creating a project for his open collaborative production company, HitRECord. The company invites musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers, photographers, producers, painters and all other creatives to collaborate on various artistic works.

Well, now Gordon-Levitt wants YOU to help him make a wacky emotion track for fabricated comic reactions on HitRECord TV.

That's right, just send in a tape of yourself giving normal applause, huge applause and laughter, and you too could be an artiste.

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