A gay teenager in Florida charged with having sexual relations with a minor entered a plea deal Thursday that will land her in jail for four months, followed by two years of house arrest with electronic monitoring, according to multiple reports.

Under the plea deal, accepted by a judge Thursday morning, the sentence for Kaitlyn Hunt, 19, would also include a period of probation after her time in jail and under house arrest, CNN reports.

Hunt has been in jail since Aug. 20 after violating a court order not to contact the alleged victim, and will remain there until Dec. 20, the judge said.

Hunt was 18 years old when she allegedly began a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Both Hunt and her girlfriend were students at Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Fla., a small town about 90 miles outside Orlando. Hunt's mother, Kelley Hunt-Smith, has said the relationship was consensual.

The case drew national attention as many contended that Hunt would not have been arrested if the relationship had been heterosexual.

Dating between seniors and freshman is not uncommon at many U.S. high schools, but under Florida law, persons under the age of 16 cannot legally consent to sex.

The case began in the fall of 2012, when the 14-year-old girl's parents pressed charges against Hunt and petitioned the school board to have her expelled.

"These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak to us ... and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating," Hunt-Smith wrote in a statement once posted on Facebook. "They were out to destroy my daughter. [They] feel like my daughter 'made' their daughter gay."

Hunt was expelled in February and charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery. She is now also charged with two felony counts of interference with child custody and a misdemeanor charge of "contributing to the dependency of a child," according to CNN.

Hunt had previously rejected a plea deal offered to her last spring that included a child abuse charge and would have given her two years of house arrest and one year of probation.

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