10/03/2013 03:57 pm ET

Groomsman Loses Slap Bet, Pays For It During Wedding Ceremony

Here's something you don't expect to see at a wedding: A husband-to-be approaches the altar, embraces his groomsmen and gives the last one a loud smack across the face. Looks like someone lost a slap bet!

What's a slap bet, you ask? Popularized by the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," this bet allows the winner to dole out a given number of slaps (rather than money) to the loser. Watch the following clip to see the show's official explanation.

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Many such bets allow for slaps to be redeemed at any moment in the future, thereby making the loser wait in fear for a slap that could come when he least expects it.

We're guessing the groomsman in the video never saw his slap coming. Extra points to the groom for successfully stifling his laughter afterward.

(Hat tip, Reddit)

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