10/04/2013 08:59 am ET

Robert Emmett Deck III, Michigan Optometrist, Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of Female Patient

She got an eyeful.

Michigan optometrist Robert Emmett Deck III faces a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge after police said he "lured" a patient into his office to watch him masturbate.

According to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, Deck fitted the female patient with contact lenses, but then had her come into his private office on Aug. 13. There he allegedly showed her his penis and attempted to masturbate while she was in the room.

In a statement, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office reported that the 33-year-old woman got the feeling something wasn't right, so she recorded audio of the incident on her iPhone. Sheriff Michael Bouchard told WXYZ that her recording is crucial to the investigation.

"When you go to visit a professional office such as a doctor, the last thing you literally expect to see is this. This predatory behavior is disgusting, and we look forward to holding this person accountable,” Bouchard said in a statement.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the sheriff's office is encouraging other patients who may have witnessed inappropriate behavior at the Deck's practice to contact them.

In a statement to WXYZ, the victim also encouraged others to come forward, telling them not to be ashamed.

Deck, 42, was arraigned Oct. 2.


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