Kuma's Corner Stands By Communion-Wafer Burger, Donates To Catholic Charity

10/05/2013 11:54 am ET | Updated Oct 05, 2013

Story by Quinn Ford, courtesy DNAinfo Chicago:

AVONDALE — After a flurry of pun-filled headlines and outrage from burger-loving Catholics across the country, Kuma's Corner issued a statement about its controversial "Ghost" burger, which features an unconsecrated communion wafer, Friday afternoon.

And the restaurant is making no apologies.

In a statement on the restaurant's Facebook page, owner Michael Cain and director of operations Luke Tobias said they did not create the burger "as a commentary on religion or as an attack on anyone's personal beliefs."

"In the past we have done a number of burgers dealing with this same exact topic to very little fanfare," the statement read. "Never in the spirit of offending anyone, and always in mindset of praising a band for the work that they do."

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