10/07/2013 04:21 pm ET

Jim Boeheim Thinks Pay-For-Play Isn't The NCAA's Answer, Neither Do 8 Other Coaches


Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim doesn't think paying student-athletes is the answer to the NCAA's problems (he called it "the most idiotic suggestion of all time" last week).

Boeheim isn't alone. Here are nine college coaches who don't think a pay-for-play system would work in the NCAA.

  • Dabo Swinney - Clemson Football
    “I went to school on student loans and (federal) Pell Grants (for students in financial need). When I got out of college, I owed $32,000, and I got put on scholarship (eventually). So I’m against professionalizing college athletics. We have that — that’s called the NFL, arena league, CFL." - Via The Post And Courier, July 2013
  • Rick Pitino - Louisville Basketball
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    “I’m finishing up over a quarter of a million dollars at Georgetown and Notre Dame with my children. We get paid as athletes: room, board, books and tuition. That is a lot of money for all of you that have taken out loans that you may still be paying today. We are being paid.” - Via The New York Times, April 2013
  • Mark Richt - Georgia Football
    "I don't think we can get into pay for play because if we do then they're not amateur athletes anymore." - Via, September 2013
  • Jim Boehim - Syracuse Basketball
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    ""To answer your question, I don't believe players should be paid. I think they're getting a tremendous opportunity. If they're really good, they get to develop. They get the opportunity to play in the NBA. They make a lot of money or they play in Europe and make a good amount of money. And if they're not quite that good then they get free college education. And the kids that have need get a Pell Grant." - Via, October 2013
  • Brady Hoke - Michigan Football
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    "Will it happen? Yes. ... I hope it happens after I'm done." "I'm a proud graduate of Ball State University, and if they said we're going to have stipends, they would lose probably eight sports that men and women are playing, because they can't afford it." Via, May 2013
  • Bob Stoops - Oklahoma Football
    "I don’t get why people say these guys don’t get paid. It’s simple, they are paid quite often, quite a bit and quite handsomely." - Via Sporting News, April 2013
  • Leonard Hamilton - Florida State Basketball
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    "I've always thought it's virtually impossible to have a pay-for-play system that would not include every sport. How can you justify not including track or tennis or golf? How could you consider a fair and equitable system, and not include every sport? Everyone always only mentions basketball and football. But that would almost be unconstitutional." - Via, July 2011
  • David Shaw - Stanford Football
    "If the rule changes, great, but I was a college student-athlete once. These kids aren't starving. They're already getting room, books, board." "We always have to remember that they are still amateurs. Give someone a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach them how to catch a fish and you can feed him for a lifetime." "Throwing money at a problem isn't solving a problem." - Via, July 2013
  • Andy Landers - Georgia Women's Basketball
    "No. No, I'm sorry. We've got a $30,000 scholarship on the table. Trust me, it's a good gig. You go to class three, four hours a day, you practice two, three hours a day, c'mon, c'mon." - Via, September 2013


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