10/08/2013 03:56 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2013

Mary Burke, Wisconsin Governor Candidate, Attacked By Right-Wing Site For Her Hairstyle

WASHINGTON -- Mary Burke, a former Wisconsin Commerce Secretary and businesswoman, announced Monday morning that she will run for Wisconsin governor. Almost immediately, the attacks on her physical appearance began.

The conservative website Right Wisconsin posted a piece Monday stating that Burke, a Democrat, has undergone a "makeover" before mounting her challenge to Gov. Scott Walker (R). The post included two pictures of Burke. In the first, from when she ran for school board in "crunchy-liberal Madison," she has short hair and is wearing a plaid shirt. In the second, taken from the video announcing her gubernatorial run, she has longer hair and is wearing a suit. Right Wisconsin alleges that Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate has spent some time "packaging" Burke.

Here's a screenshot of the Right Wisconsin post:

If Burke is like most other human beings, she probably wears many different outfits -- some plaid shirts, some suits. And it's not entirely surprising that in the year since she ran for school board, she's decided to let her hair grow out. After all, women do that. And it's a look that Burke has had before.

We also assume that Burke can "package" herself without the assistance of the male Wisconsin Democratic Party chair.

The focus on Burke's hair is reminiscent of criticism Hillary Clinton has faced throughout her entire time in public life, and has no bearing on her qualifications to run for office.

Burke's campaign declined to comment on the Right Wisconsin post.

Burke, a former Trek Bicycle Corp. executive, is a millionaire who brings her own money to the race. That will likely help her run against Walker and counter the substantial backing he will no doubt receive from the conservative movement.

Watch Burke's gubernatorial announcement video:


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