10/08/2013 03:33 pm ET

Why Michael Fassbender's Sex Scene With Penelope Cruz Was Awkward


Michael Fassbender and Penelope Cruz participate in a sex scene in Ridley Scott's new film, "The Counselor," and in a new interview with E! Online, Fassbender confirms that the pretend intercourse was as uncomfortable as one might imagine.

"It's always a bit awkward, really. Doing scenes like that, especially cause Javier [Bardem] was sitting at the end of the bed. That was really weird," Fassbender joked to the network. (Bardem and Cruz are married.) "You just wanna make sure that the other person is comfortable and that the other person doesn't feel like you're taking advantage of any situation. And then to just try and feel safe with one another really and then you can really hopefully sell what needs to be sold."

In the new film, which is based on an original script by Cormac McCarthy, Fassbender plays a lawyer who gets caught up in the drug trade (Cruz, Bardem, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz round out the all-star cast). "The Counselor" is out in theaters on Oct. 25, giving Fassbender two high-profile releases in the month of October (the other being "12 Years A Slave").

"I thought it was a beautiful piece of work," Fassbender said of "12 Years A Slave," his main Oscar contender in 2013. "Steve has really done a master work. Whatever happens after that is a bonus."

For the full interview, head to E! Online.

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