You totally had this poster on your wall.
luke perry

"Saved by the Bell" pretty much defined Saturday mornings.
saved by the bell

Just as Friday nights meant TGIF.

You had the biggest crush on Joey Lawrence.
joey lawrence

You still know every word to the "Fresh Prince" theme song.
fresh prince

When "My So-Called Life" premiered, it was as if the writers had climbed inside your head.

The first R-rated movie you saw was "Pretty Woman."

Sometimes you wished that the Tanners were your real family.
full house

And that Cory, Topanga and Shawn were your real friends.
boy meets world

You wanted to be Cher Horowitz (or at least, have her wardrobe).

Your first album may have been by them.
new kids

Or them.
boys ii men

You debated the merits of the Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync.
backstreet boys

And TLC vs. Destiny's Child.
destinys child

You dressed as one of the Spice Girls for Halloween.
spice girls

You imagined college would be just like "Felicity."

And adulthood would be like "Friends."

Or "Will & Grace."
will and grace

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