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Toughest Law Schools To Get Into: Princeton Review 2013-14 Ranking

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Better start studying up for your LSATs if you want to go to Yale Law School. You can rest a little easier if you're planning on going to Harvard Law.

According to the Princeton Review, Yale is the toughest law school to get into, followed by Harvard at number two.

(We were only kidding, Harvard, you're tough to get into too.)

Princeton Review released their ranking Tuesday coinciding with the 2014 editions of its guides to business and law schools. The top 10 is dominated by Ivy league schools and some of the same elite institutions ranked highly overall by U.S. News & World Report.

The ranking was based off student surveys completed over the past few years by the Princeton Review. It does not rank the business or law schools hierarchically, it said in a news release, so no institution is ranked "best overall."

The 10 Toughest Law Schools To Get Into:

  • 10
    10. University of Chicago
    Total Enrollment - 610
  • 9
    9. University of Pennsylvania
    Total Enrollment - 776
  • 8
    8. Duke University
  • 7
    7. Columbia University
    Getty Images
    Average GPA - 3.7 Average LSAT score - 171 Total Enrollment - 1290
  • 6
    6. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Total Enrollment - 737
  • 5
    5. University of Virginia
    Total Enrollment - 1078
  • 4
    4. University of California, Berkeley
    Total Enrollment - 916
  • 3
    3. Stanford University
    Average GPA - 3.83 Average LSAT score - 171 Total Enrollment - 575
  • 2
    2. Harvard University
    Getty Images
    Total Enrollment - 1727
  • 1
    1. Yale University
    Average GPA - 3.9 Average LSAT score - 173 Total Enrollment - 615

When available, information on student grades, test scores and enrollment numbers are according to what was provided by the Princeton Review.

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