10/09/2013 04:33 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2013

Levski Sofia Soccer Fans Storm Press Conference, Rip Shirt Off New Team Coach

Matt Schaub might have to deal with angry fans at his home, but at least they aren't storming press conferences and ripping his shirt off.

That's the pandemonium Ivaylo Petev, the new team manager for Bulgarian soccer club Levski Sofia, has had to deal with.

According to The Big Lead, angry fans believe Petev secretly roots for the team's rival. As such, they reason, he isn't fit to wear Sofia's team colors -- a point they forcibly drove home Tuesday when several fans stormed his press conference, forced him to remove his shirt and then showed him to the door.

The fans then directed their wrath at the team's chief executive, Nasko Sirakov, who announced his resignation. "This is the hardest day in my life," he was quoted saying by the Guardian. "But I wonder if there's another place in the world where the fans choose the coach."

Fortunately for Petev, the disrobing hasn't left him "stripped" of his title as well. In a statement on Levski Sofia's website, the team's owner, Todor Batkov, reaffirmed the commitment to the new coach.

"What happened today is a disgrace." Batkov said, in a statement translated by The Huffington Post. "The incident is unprecedented ... It's a stain on the club."

As for the new coach's commitment, well, it's safe to say he'd give his new team the shirt off his back.

Watch the calamity, above. The fans enter at the 1:00 mark.


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