Herm Edwards Cupchecks Mark Schlereth, Antonio Pierce On ESPN (VIDEO)

10/10/2013 03:45 pm ET

By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

Who's Herm Edwards' favorite General Manager in sports? Mitch Kupchak!

It starts with Mark Schlereth bizarrely highlighting various NFL players grabbing each other in the groin region for his "Off the Mark" segment on NFL Live, which certainly seems a little risque for buttoned-down ESPN. Mid-afternoon is a little early for the network to start working blue, isn't it?

It continues with Herm Edwards bringing next level analysis in the studio by giving cupchecks to his co-workers. Seriously though, is there anything more awkward than Herm Edwards trying to tap Mark Schlereth, Trey Wingo, and Antonio Pierce in the groin with rolled up papers while yelling, "CHECK YOUR PACKAGE!"

I'm becoming more and more convinced Herm Edwards is at ESPN solely for comedic relief.

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