10/10/2013 11:18 am ET

Johnny Knoxville Was Dosed With Ecstasy While Filming 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' Promos


If you thought the stars of "Jackass" had to be on drugs in order to perform their brand of idiocy, you might be right -- at least in the case of Johnny Knoxville, who recently revealed he was spiked with Ecstasy during filming.

"We were filming a promo for 'Bad Grandpa' at a frat house in Arizona," Knoxville told The Sun. "I was dressed as Irving and was sitting in the audience with the students, and people kept handing me drinks and someone dosed me with Ecstasy. About 30 minutes into the screening, my heart starts racing and I'm like, 'I am X-ing right now, someone dosed me.' I was so happy because I haven't done X since my 20s. For the rest of the shoot I was just a train wreck, and we got a lot of funny stuff."

Knoxville did sustain an injury during the drug-induced shoot, however. He went on to say he ruptured a tendon in his finger "either bursting through a table or climbing up a net." Perhaps that explains the cast he donned at the movie's London premiere on Wednesday night.

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