10/10/2013 08:17 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2013

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Is a Melting Pot Of Design (PHOTOS)

Few presidents have been known to have a such a deep appreciation for architecture and design like that of Thomas Jefferson's. Many of his ideas changed the way people lived then -- and even now. In the November issue of House Beautiful, we get a look inside his beloved Monticello, the home that not only houses hundreds of antiques but also a countless number of design thoughts and ideas from our third president.

Just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, Jefferson's Monticello still stands today. The exterior is similar to that of a villa with unbelievable gardens and grounds. Inside however is, dare we say, eclectic. Although Jefferson was very particular about what he put in his home, it's a melting pot of design

In the entrance hall you'll find maps, antlers and fossils. The dining hall is painted bright yellow, or as Jefferson called it "chrome." And in the bedroom, you'll see his alcove bed. Designer Charlotte Moss, who is also a trustee of the estate, created a gorgeous dinner table in the greenhouse, with a lush centerpiece and incredible dinnerware bringing sophistication to the space. "'If it had not been called Monticello,' a visitor wrote in 1816, 'I would call it Olympus, and Jove its occupant.' On that, it would seem, all could agree," wrote Jon Meacham, the author of the piece.

Scroll through the photos below to see inside Monticello, and be sure to head over to House Beautiful for more. Don't forget to pick your copy of the November issue on sale October 22.


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