Got a chic flapper dress in your wardrobe? Then you're all set for Halloween. Google's stats show that "Great Gatsby" costumes, inspired by this year's blockbuster movie, are among the top 10 costumes for Halloween 2013.

According to Google Shopping's data, the top trending costume searches for this year's holiday are:

  • Minion costume
  • Breaking Bad costume
  • Fox costume
  • Duck Dynasty costume
  • Miley Cyrus costume
  • Minecraft costume
  • Daenerys costume
  • Batman costume
  • Gatsby dress costume
  • Daft Punk costume

Hooray for no sexy nurses/cats/policemen?

The data, which reflects searches on Google Shopping, indicate this year is all about the 2013 memes and cult shows. We already assumed we'd see plenty of twerking Mileys and even some Batmans in anticipation of the new movie; but dressing up as the little yellow Minions from "Despicable Me" or the Fox from the "What Does the Fox Say?" video demonstrates an impressive commitment to pop culture, we'd say.

Same goes for "Breaking Bad" costumes. At least Daenerys from "Game Of Thrones" has a look that can be easily recreated with an icy wig; Walter and Jesse from "Breaking Bad," on the other hand, are probably more challenging to imitate accurately in costume form. That would probably explain why people are Googling it so much -- Google notes that searches for "Breaking Bad" costumes are three times higher this year, on the heels of the series finale, than they were last year.

But the easier route, of course, is "The Great Gatsby." Google reports that Gatsby costume searches are trending highest in New York and California, where we bet lots of stylish gals probably own Gatsby-like dresses and accessories anyway.

Which just solved our "what to be for Halloween" problem. Thanks for the idea, Google.

Not into dressing up as a 2013 headline? Try these:

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  • Lucky Cat

    This costume is both creative and fairly easy to execute well. You need some gold leggings, decorated cat ears, a tassel and some Chinese letters on your forearm. (You also get an unintentional workout from lifting your arm up and down all night.)

  • Wendy Davis

    What could be more culturally relevant than dressing up as the Texas gubernatorial hopeful? Just remember, it's all about the pink sneakers, people.

  • BuzzFeed

    Turn yourself into a cat/corgi/French bulldog listicle! Just print out images and tape them to your blank page body. (A Lil Bub photo or two doesn't hurt either.)

  • One Of The Women From "Orange Is The New Black"

    Don an orange (or tan) prison outfit -- you can probably purchase something similar-looking at any store that sells medical scrubs -- and you're pretty much done. The details really make this sort of costume. We recommend fashioning yourself some flip-flops out of duct tape and pads if you decide to get crafty. This is also a great one for a group of friends to do together. And you can be super cute like the cast of "OINTB" by <a href="" target="_blank">taking selfies</a> all night.

  • Christmas Tree

    'Tis the season -- a few months early. Wrap yourself in some fake pine needles and tinsel, hang some fun ornaments on yourself and top it all off with a big star! If you want to be ironic, go as a <em>Jewish</em> Christmas tree.

  • A Facebook 'Like'

    This is the perfect costume for someone who wants to put in minimal effort but still be funny. Wear white and blue and strap a sign or box with the printed "Like" button onto your torso. Plus, when you pose with anyone throughout the night, you're automatically "Liking" their outfit. <em>via <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em>

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors

    A human twist on the classic hand game. You need three friends for this one and some artistic skills.

  • A Someecard

    Though this outfit might be a bit cumbersome to party in, we think it's excellent. You can take a message from a <a href="" target="_blank">real someecard</a> or create your own topical one. <em>via <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em>

  • Baby North West

    This one is simple. Dress up as a baby, complete with a pacifier, and then throw a fake compass around your neck pointing both North and West.

  • A Loofah

    These costumes are super adorable -- and can be made with a whole lot of tulle or mesh purchased from your local fabric store or Home Depot. We recommend wearing shoes, though. <em>via <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em>

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