10/11/2013 03:54 pm ET

DOJ Agreement May Include Giving Student, Faculty Names At Montana


Jeff Wiltse sets up the projector in his Movie America class.

An assistant history professor at the University of Montana, Wiltse explains that the class will be watching “Do the Right Thing” today, and that it will run just a little over class time. Warned about this earlier in the year, none of the students seemed perturbed.

“Just to cut down the time though, we’re going to skip a scene near the middle,” Wiltse said. “It’s a little graphic, and it doesn’t really add anything to the story, so we’re just going to skip over that.”

“What’s the scene about?” one student mumbled.

“Why are we skipping it?” another said.

They figure Wiltse is skipping a sex scene.

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