10/13/2013 10:17 am ET Updated Oct 13, 2013

Bob Corker: Senate Debt Ceiling Talks Stalled Over Spending Levels

Discussions in the Senate about increasing the U.S. government's debt limit and ending the current federal shutdown have ground to a halt over disagreements on spending levels, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Sunday.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," Corker said that "the last 24 hours have not been good" and that the Senate has stalled this weekend in its attempts to make a deal to open the government and raise the debt ceiling

Corker said he believes Republicans overreached in initially asking to defund President Barack Obama's health care law as part of any budget deal, but said Democrats have responded by overreaching themselves in attempting to roll back the across-the-board federal spending cuts known as sequestration.

Corker said he wasn't sure how Republicans in the House of Representatives would respond to any deal put together in the Senate. "Getting something out of one body would at least be progress," he said.

Still, the Tennessee Republican said he believes Congress will "rise to the occasion" and have a deal in place to raise the debt ceiling before Thursday, the deadline to prevent a default on some of the U.S. government's debt.


2013 Government Shutdown
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