19 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Actually Clever

10/14/2013 12:02 pm ET | Updated Sep 23, 2016

Stuck on what to be for Halloween this year? Let these 19 clever folks inspire you with their creative costume ideas.

  • 1 '50 Shades Of Grey'
    The best part? Paint samples are free!
  • 2 The Brawny Guy
    Attention men with red flannel shirts: you're just one paper towel purchase away from a great costume.
  • 3 Che Guevara T-Shirt
    This is the greatest thing we've seen since The Onion's "Che Guevara wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt" T-shirt.
  • 4 Bag Of 'Eminems'
    When in doubt, go with a pun.
  • 5 Grayscale Couple
    No Instagram filter required! Get the tutorial here.
  • 6 Nudist On Strike
    Last minute? Definitely, but it works.
  • 7 Super Tall Guy As Regular-Sized Guy On Stilts
    He's ridiculously tall and he's totally owning it.
  • 8 Every KISS Member At Once
    The hard part is deciding where to look while you're talking to this person.
  • 9 French Kiss
    Speaking of KISS, these two had an even better idea.
  • 10 Tapatío Hot Sauce
  • 11 Freudian Slip
    Who said pun costumes can't be sexy, too?
  • 12 A Penny
    Honest Abe would be pleased.
  • 13 YouTube Channel
    Even better? It's a PSYCHIC YouTube channel.
  • 14 Leg Lamp From 'A Christmas Story'
    Hands down, the most clever costume for people with one leg.
  • 15 Roller Coaster Riders
    These guys look like a lot of fun.
  • 16 Ginger Bread Man
    Gingers may or may not have souls, but they do have clever costumes.
  • 17 Guy In A Hurricane
    You, sir, are winning at this.
  • 18 ChatRoulette
    We have a feeling someone will "report inappropriate behavior" by the end of the night.
  • 19 Dunkin' Donuts
    Someone get these girls a sponsorship deal!

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