10/14/2013 05:29 pm ET

Team Rubicon Veterans Volunteer To Clean Up National Mall During Shutdown (PHOTO)

The government shutdown may be persisting, but so is the goodwill of everyday Americans.

Last weekend, an army of volunteers from Team Rubicon, a veteran disaster relief group, spent Sunday morning cleaning up DC's National Mall, where park services have been suspended.

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The team, including one Wounded Warrior, covered three miles, picking up trash as they went. It was a rainy morning, according to the Stars and Stripes blog, but they still spent several hours clearing the litter and debris that had accumulated in the two weeks since the shutdown -- and even prompting some others to help out.

The citizen clean-up movement is said to have been inspired by the work of one man, Chris Cox, who took his lawnmower to the Lincoln Memorial to ensure its upkeep while Park Service employees were furloughed.

During last weekend's clean-up, volunteers came across Cox himself, who has become something of a celebrity for his actions.

Jacob798, the Reddit user who posted the image above (pictured in yellow), wrote, "None of us would have been there if it weren't for him."

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