10/15/2013 03:29 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2013

'Castle': Beckett's Back In New York, But She's Not Back To Work Yet (VIDEO)

After an ill-fated sojourn to Washington, DC, Beckett was back in New York City on the latest episode of "Castle." But she wasn't back at her old job. At least, not yet. That didn't stop her from helping out, and getting noticed along the way.

When aspiring governor Aaron Stokes thanked her for her efforts, he assumed she was a detective. She clarified that she was not, and then Captain Gates jumped in and said, "Well, she should be. But your golfing buddy’s budget cuts have gotten in the way.”

Stokes' "golfing buddy" happened to be the police commissioner. So when Stokes talked to him about the situation, Beckett found herself quickly reinstated. And Gates even made a workplace romance exception for Beckett and Castle. He can keep consulting for the department as long as they keep things professional. In other words ... reset!

Absurdly convenient, yes, but efficient, and it solves a “problem” for poor Kate (who hasn’t been without a job since age 15!) as well as the show," observed TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich. But Buddy TV's Morgan Glennon thought it was too easy. "Perhaps it's a missed opportunity not to explore some of the storytelling avenues opened by having Beckett out of the precinct," she wrote. "It does seem like the show could have taken more than one episode before slotting Beckett comfortably back in her own world."

"Castle" is back to its classic groove on ABC, every Monday night at 10 p.m. ET.

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