10/16/2013 09:58 am ET | Updated Oct 16, 2013

11 Fashion Essentials Every 40-Something Should Own

So you've reached your forties. You're past the uncertainty of your twenties and all the big changes that happen in your thirties. Now it's time to have fun and spoil yourself a little bit.

Though you may have acquired some new expenses in your forties (perhaps you bought a house or had some kids), you've also been saving long enough that a treat every now and again won't break the bank. Your forties is a time to invest in a great handbag, buy some fancy luggage and bite the bullet and purchase that evening coat you've been eyeing.

Behold, the 11 items that should be in every 40-year-old's closet:

1. A nice handbag. Spoil yourself. Buy an expensive handbag that is hard to justify. You earned it.


2. Night cream. It's extra hydrating and will reduce puffiness.


3. The perfect haircut. One that highlights all your best features and doesn't require tons of effort and fuss.


4. A great evening coat. Not the parka you wear in the snow, but a nice coat that looks appropriate with a fancy dress and heels.


5. Diamonds. They don't need to be huge, but something a little sparkly for those days when you need something a little special.


6. Leather gloves. They always look more polished and professional than a knit pair. Plus they don't get pulls, so they won't need to be replaced as often.

leather gloves

7. A variety of slips. Unlined dresses are no longer an option. Make sure you have slips of all different lengths to go underneath your sheer garments.

lingerie slip

8. A lounging robe. Something you can open the front door in. Think silk or jersey.

silk robe

9. Nice luggage. Nothing is worse than traipsing through the airport with luggage that is falling a part. It's time to travel in style.


10. Expensive, comfortable flats. Let's be honest, heels are uncomfortable. Flats are the way to go. Do your feet a favor and invest in a pair with arch support.

ballet flats

11. A checkbook-sized wallet The older we get, the more cards we accumulate. A coin purse just won't cut it anymore.

big wallet

Items we will and won't splurge on:

Splurge Or Save?

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