10/16/2013 09:16 am ET

The Hardest Items To Find At The Grocery Store (PHOTOS)


Okay, we'll come right out and say it: we love grocery shopping. Sometimes, after a long day, walking through the produce section, talking to the person at the meat counter and picking up a few snacks really soothes our souls. Until -- and this is a big until -- that thing we were looking for isn't where we thought it would be. It's not even in the second place we thought it would be. Then, we feel like everyone else feels about grocery shopping and we just want to get out of there.

This, of course, varies from grocery store to grocery store, but when we asked our happy-to-go-food-shopping colleagues about the items that cause them to melt down, they were very quick to answer. Below, you'll find the top ten hardest things to find in the grocery store, according to us.

  • 10 Coconut Milk
    Have we really not, as a nation, reached a point where we can move coconut milk out of the "Asian" section? We use this for way more than curries and Thai soups nowadays. Shouldn't our grocery stores reflect that?
  • 9 Refried Beans
    These, like coconut milk, suffer from the gentrification of supermarket aisles. They are beans. Can't they just be next to the beans instead of in the "Latin" section? Not only is it inconvenient, it makes us feel uncomfortable.
  • 8 Raisins
    These could live in the baking aisle, in the produce section, even sometimes in the JUICE BOX section. For the love of our collective sanity, could we just pick a place?
  • 7 Sun-Dried Tomatoes
    Like raisins, this dried fruit is incredibly elusive. Sometimes they are next to the raisins. Sometimes they are next to the canned tomatoes. Sometimes, they live in the spice aisle. This is probably why they went out of style in the late 90s.
  • 6 Twine
    We're pretty sure you can get this near the brooms and flashlights? Actually we have no idea. WHERE ARE YOU TWINE? WE'VE GOT TRUSSING TO DO.
  • 5 Yeast
    Once, one of us walked around a grocery store for twenty minutes trying to find yeast. We thought, misguidedly, that it would be in the baking section, as you might imagine. Wrong -- IT WAS NEXT TO THE EGGS. We don't even know anymore.
  • 4 Almond Butter
    Give us ONE REASON this stuff should not be next to the peanut butter. ONE REASON.
  • 3 Chanukah/Shabbat Candles
    Fellow tribespeople, it is rough out there for a Jew around Christmas, right? These are usually lumped in with cleaning products. Sometimes they get a special "Jewy" section next to eight month old matzoh.
  • 2 Tahini
    Honestly, we can't even picture where this can be found in our grocery store. But we're betting it's near the vinegars. Which makes absolutely no sense. We'll see you in twenty minutes, after a few laps around the store.
  • 1 Toothpicks
    We have found these everywhere from the baking section to the party supplies section to tucked in amongst the garbage bags. Why you gotta be so versatile, toothpicks??

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