10/18/2013 09:25 am ET

Quotes That Prove Gordon Ramsay Is Surprisingly Self Aware

Gordon Ramsay is hands-down one of the most notorious chefs in the business -- and his reputation was definitely not earned by being kind, helpful, or soft spoken. His less-than-PG mouth may actually be more famous than he is, and tends to steal the spotlight on his various TV appearances.

There's no denying Ramsay's an excellent chef, but his methods in the kitchen are undoubtedly a bit, um … unorthodox. But this isn't something Ramsay is out to deny, nor does it appear that he's making any effort to change his infamous persona -- in fact, he's actually surprisingly self-aware when it comes to his work. These 10 Gordon Ramsay quotes prove he's completely content with the way he runs things within the kitchen -- let's just call it character building, shall we?

Warning: There's a lot of NSFW language going on in the quotes and GIFs below. Because, it's Gordon Ramsay, obviously.

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