10/18/2013 10:57 am ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

Pedro Almodovar Says Spain Wants To Destroy Its Film Industry

By Ikam Acosta


One of España’s most famous filmmakers, Pedro Almodóvar, is saying the Spanish government wants to exterminate cinema in Spain.

Almodóvar blames this on the constant battle between the left wing filmmakers and the right wing People’s Party government originating from the Iraq war, according to Fox News Latino.

Almodovar stated:

“As a result of our ‘No War,’ Spanish film has become the bête noire of the PP government. The current cuts and contempt are the result of that no, which I will never regret, even if not a single movie theater remains open.”

He continued:

“When I hear it said on talk shows that people who work in the arts should not express our political views, I shudder. Does that mean that we don’t have the same rights as any other citizen to express what we think? Political protests should be understood as a civic act and a sign of the health of the democracy.”

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