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14 Silver Foxes We'd Just Like To Remind You Are Divorced (Or Soon-To-Be Divorced)

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Sean Connery? Taken. Ted Danson? Taken. John Slattery? Ugh -- he's taken, too.

You might think that all the smokin' silver foxes in Hollywood are married to some lucky woman who isn't you. Not so, ladies. The guys in the list below are all divorced -- or soon-to-be divorced -- and all certifiably foxy.

  • 1. Richard Gere
    The OG silver fox is newly single.
  • 2. Matt LeBlanc
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    We wouldn't mind having a "Friend" in this fox.
  • 3. George Clooney
    Getty Images
    Bet you didn't even realize George was divorced. Newsflash: He is -- and he's totally a silver fox.
  • 4. Morgan Freeman
    Getty Images
    The voice of God. And a major fox to boot.
  • 5. Russell Crowe
    Getty Images
    Yes, the salt-and-pepper scruff counts. Our boy Russ is a fox and a half.
  • 6. Clint Eastwood
    Getty Images
    We wouldn't mind cozying up on an invisible chair with this silver fox.
  • 7. Alexander Payne
    Award-winning director silver fox.
  • 8. Cesar Millan
    You must love dogs to get with this divorced silver fox.
  • 9. Dennis Haysbert
    Getty Images
    We'd be in good hands® with this silver fox. (Get it? Dennis Haysbert is the voice of Allstate, guys.)
  • 10. Vincent Cassel
    Getty Images
    Le silver fox.
  • 11. Larry David
    Getty Images
    We'd have to curb our enthusiasm if we ever met this silver fox.
  • 12. Sean Penn
    Unpredictable. Political. Wildly talented. A few other words that describe Sean Penn? Silver-haired and divorced.
  • 13. David Byrne
    Talking Heads silver fox.
  • 14. Peter O'Toole
    Getty Images
    What, you didn't realize Mr. Lawrence of Arabia himself has been divorced since 1979? Get with it, ladies.

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