10/21/2013 10:49 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Morrissey: 'I Am Not Homosexual, I Am Humasexual'

Morrissey made headlines last week when published excerpts of his new memoir, Autobiography, prompted many media outlets to speculate further on his oft-discussed sexuality.

Now, however, the former Smiths frontman is setting the record straight -- somewhat, at least -- about his personal life.

"Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual," the 54-year-old singer wrote from Sweden in a statement posted on the fansite True to You and subsequently cited by Rolling Stone. "I am attracted to humans. But, of course...not many."

In excerpts of Autobiography that were published in The Guardian, Morrissey revealed details of an intimate relationship he once had with another man.

Though he did not specify whether or not he and Jake Owen Walters were ever lovers in the traditional sense, he wrote, "Jake and I neither sought not needed company other than our own for the whirlwind stretch to come." In addition, he recalls being photographed with his head "resting on Jake's exposed belly."

In the 1980s, Morrissey became an icon of celibacy, claiming he was "never a sexual person."

“I’m just simply inches away from a monastery and I feel that perhaps if I wasn’t doing this that I probably would be in one … which of course is a frightening thing to dwell upon,” he is quoted as telling Picture Disk in 1984. Two years later, he apparently told Melody Maker: "Sex is a waste of batteries."


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