Personality Type: Can You Change Yours For The Better? (VIDEO)

10/21/2013 09:53 am ET | Updated Dec 12, 2014

Personality contributes to how we relate to each other, develop relationships, and make meaning of our own identities. But at the very root, what exactly is personality? And can we change certain aspects of our personalities to improve our lives?

Good ole' Merriam-Webster defines personality as "the complex characteristics that distinguish an individual especially in relationships with others," or "the totality of an individual's behavioral and emotional tendencies."

But to get a better understanding, I sat down with Dr. Dan McAdams, who serves as the chair of the psychology department at Northwestern University and author of the book "The Redemptive Self," as well as the textbook "The Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology," among other publications. His take on personality departs a bit from the mainstream.

Watch the video above, and/or click the link below for a transcript to hear what he has to say. And don't forget to sound off in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Talk nerdy to me!


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