10/21/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

RuPaul Picks Up Marianne Williamson For Latest 'RuPaul Drives...' (VIDEO)

This week's episode of "RuPaul Drives..." gets soulfully deep as Ru picks up spiritual leader and teacher -- and all around divine woman -- Marianne Williamson and they discuss how politics and love can change the world.

Williamson, the spiritual teacher and author who rocked the New Age world back in the '90s with her best-selling breakout book "A Return to Love," has been a fixture among the spiritually minded set, appearing multiple times on Oprah and even giving a popular weekly lecture every Monday in Los Angeles at the Saban Theatre.

Anyone who knows Ru knows that underneath all that hair, makeup and Vaseline, he leads a spiritual life, so it makes sense that he would pick up Williamson for the latest installment of his World of Wonder series.

Instead of catching up, and gossiping about life, Ru dives in and asks about Williamson's plans to run for public office and the following conversation covers everything from the Civil Rights movement and 9/11 to how politics can change the world from living in fear to embracing love.

Check out the enlightening video above.

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