10/21/2013 07:14 am ET

'Witches Of East End': The Doppelganger Attacks Joanna, Reveals True Self (VIDEO)

Joanna had to face a harsh reality on "Witches of East End." She couldn't do it alone. She had to accept the help of her sister and daughters in facing the evils that are threatening the family. Particularly this doppelganger, who showed up and managed to get one over on the eternal mother of two.

Luckily, Freya came into the kitchen and managed to use her powers to throw a knife at the doppelganger. It was at this point that Joanna realized she needed to let her daughters be who they were always meant to be. That meant allowing her sister, Wendy, to train them in what she knew, as well as Joanna sharing her own knowledge. With this kind of danger lurking, it was best the girls were as prepared as possible to face it.

Viewers got a better view of that threat, as the shape-changer reverted to his true form, played by Matt Frewer. Teasers for next week reveal that we'll get to learn even more about him, and see him in action as himself. And we won't be alone in watching, either. "Witches of East End" is holding steady with approximately 2 million viewers each week.

According to The Province's Alex Strachan, it's because the show is fun and light, despite its dark subject matter. "No matter how pretend-dark or faux-foreboding 'Witches of East End' gets, it’s never threatening," he wrote. "It’s neither as bloody as 'True Blood' nor as salacious as 'American Horror Story.' It’s lighthearted but not silly.”

The danger continues for the "Witches of East End," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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