10/22/2013 03:57 pm ET

13 Awkward Couples Costumes We Hope We Don't See This Year But Probably Will

Halloween can be dangerous. There are all those tricks, the poisoned treats (at least, we thought there were in the '80s), and then there's the terrible, awful, misguided costumes for couples.

We can't stop these crimes from happening, but we can prepare ourselves by knowing what's coming. So below is a list of 13 super-awkward couples costumes that you could potentially see at your Halloween party. Steel yourself. To know thine enemy is to defeat thine enemy... probably.

Oh, and if you are the enemy... for shame, peas and carrots, for shame.

  • 1 Boobs
    Not only are you trapped together all night, no one will look you in the eye.
  • 2 "Tacky Travelers"
    You think this outfit convinces people this isn't exactly who you are when you go on vacation but it doesn't.
  • 3 Fork and Spoon
    Sure, you coordinated a costume, but the fork and spoon are never used together. Your relationship is over and everyone knows but you.
  • 4 Plug & Socket
    Oh, haha, we see what you did there. Your friends hate you.
  • 5 USB Port & Drive
    The nerd version of the plug and socket. Your friends hate you as well.
  • 6 Big Babies
    As loathsome as the "sexy" costume trend is, to run screaming in the other direction is also a mistake.
  • 7 Giving Birth
    The tragedy of this couple's costume is it also ruined four other lives.
  • 8 Adam & Eve
    Consider this the original couple's costume sin. Also, to do Adam & Eve in a full body nude suit shows a lack of commitment, and there's nothing that pisses God off more.
  • 9 Pigs
    Well... there's just nothing to say about this.
  • 10 Smurfy Couple
    The only thing worse than 'Smurfs 2'?
  • 11 Ball & Chain
    "Thanks for inviting us to the party. We dressed as literally everything wrong with us as a couple and as human beings. Is there punch?"
  • 12 Peas and Carrots
    The good news is, if this is your costume of choice, you and your significant other probably weren't invited to a party.
  • 13 Miley & Robin
    Word of warning: You WILL see this costume at your Halloween party. When it happens, the best thing to do is remain perfectly still, don't make eye contact and drink everything.

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